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Erecting a Fence

Erecting a fence is a job that requires a lot of planning and organising. Decide on the type of fence you want and work out the number of posts and panels that will be needed.

Erecting a fence



Work out what needs to be cleared and arrange for skips etc before hand. This will allow the work area to be kept clean, making the job easier and safer.


Remove the old fencing or obstacles and prepare the area ready for new fence.

Fence post position

Measure where the new posts will be. In some instances you may be able to stagger the new posts by starting with a half fence first, this may save digging out old posts. Simply cut the old post as near to the floor as possible.


Back breaking work but dig out the old posts and concrete base where necessary. With really large concrete bases, it may pay to hire a jack hammer.

Dig Hole

Measure the location of the post and dig a hole deep enough for the post to be supported. A 9 foot post needs approx 2 foot below ground level for stability. Make sure the hole is wide enough to allow the post to be positioned accurately.


Place the posts in the hole and use a concrete base for getting the correct distance between posts. Push the post hard up to the edge of the concrete base panel.


Line the posts up using a string line, along the length of the job. Use a spirit level to position the post upright and wedge in position using old bricks or rocks. Level the concrete base panels and pack with pieces of wood or stones.


Continue until the posts and base panels are in position.


Place a fence panel in position and make sure the posts are vertical and tight up against both the concrete base and the fence panel. Fill the hole with concrete using a mix ratio of 3 grit sand to 1 cement.


Work along the fence filling each hole using the same procedure.


When the posts are all cemented in, fill below the base panels with small stone chipping's or concrete. If using concrete, create a slight slope so any water runs away from the fence.


Continue filling below the fence panels to give a professional finish.

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