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It's Easy When You Can Follow the Manual: Learn How to Apply Brush-In Bed Liner in 6 Easy Steps

Bed liners are products that shield the inner-side of a truck bed from damage. Whether an ordinary or a factory-perfect truck, you'll always be anxious to protect the bed liner of your truck. Below are easy steps on how to apply brush-in bed liner

Easy Steps

Step 1: Wash
Washing will require you to first remove the tailgate and place it on horses. You can either sweep or vacuum dirt the debris from the tailgate and the bed. Scrub thoroughly both the bed and the tailgate using a strong solution of Trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water to remove oil, petroleum or wax-based residue. Finally rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water and wipe with a clean piece of cloth. Allow to dry completely.

Step 2: Mask
Masking will mean that you use your painter's tape to mask off all areas that you're not going to paint, especially at the back of the bed near the tailgate. Therefore, you'll have to do this by pressing the tape down gently to form a good protective seal. Cover the drain holes of your truck neatly to seal them.

Step 3: Scuff
Scuff all painted surfaces of your bed liner thoroughly, including any surface scratch to ensure good bondage on your bed liner. Take your time paying attention to glossy areas too. Leave no area unpainted. You can use a sandpaper if there's corrosion on the bare metal. Wipe down the bed to remove all sanding dust and apply a coat of rust sealer over the bare metal areas. Allow it to dry for better results.

Step 4: Wipe
Using acetone, wipe the bed area. Most importantly, wear chemical-resistant gloves and respirator for protection. Begin spraying your bed at the front using the spray bottle. Allow the acetone to settle for a few seconds and wipe it with a clean cotton cloth. Avoid using the same side of the cloth twice for ideal results. Lastly, wipe the entire surface of the bed and let it dry for about ten minutes.

Step 5: Brush
First, you'll have to remove the bed liner paint lid and mix thoroughly the materials using a paint mixer and a power drill. Ensure that you do this at moderate temperatures. Alternatively, you can thin the material with xylene if it's too thick to brush. Stir your mixture occasionally while applying. Start with the seams and corners, dabbing the material into them.

Step 6: Roll
Use the supplied textured roller cover to apply gently the material to the front and side panels, then roll the material onto the tailgate and the floor of the truck bed.

Moving hand in hand, apply the second coat of material along the taped edges. Ensure you do this before the first coat dries for efficient removal of the tape. Worried about what paint to use? No worries, Durabak got you covered.

In case of missed areas, use a small brush to cover them. Discard the roller cover and wrap the brush in a plastic bag to prevent it from drying up once you are done.

Remove any excess material while still wet using xylene. The first coat you applied once it's set, apply the second coat. Finally, let all the used equipment dry the dispose of them.

Final Thoughts
Worry less on how to maintain your bed liner because DIY roll-on bed liner got your back. It's easy once you follow the stated guidelines.

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