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How To Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

If you're bored of your kitchen or you feel like it's outdated, but you don't have a big enough budget for a complete overhaul, consider simply updating certain aspects. This can breathe new life into the room without being stressful or putting your kitchen out of action.

Kitchen Makeover

Replace the Worktop
Chances are that your worktop is looking a bit shabby, so replacing your old laminate worktop with a granite one will give your kitchen an instant lift. You could also replace any splash back completely, or re-grout or paint over the tiles using special tile paint.

Update the Cabinet Doors
The cabinet doors are the face of your kitchen, and they are easy to replace or update, so transforming the room is easy. Depending on your budget, you could either replace them with completely new ones for a different look or give them a lick of paint and replace the handles for a cheaper but just as transformative look.

Change the Floor
Kitchens are a high traffic area so the flooring is an area that needs to be hardwearing, and, of course, easy to clean. A fresh floor can make the whole room seem new again, especially if you spend a little more and invest in something really good quality. Opt for something timeless like black and white tiles, or solid wood floors. You can save a lot of money by laying this yourself and it is a breeze to do.

Do it DIY
If you do decide to get a completely new kitchen, you can save a lot of money by doing most of the fitting yourself. Buying a new diy kitchen means that you can buy a complete kitchen ready to fit, so you can save yourself hundreds of pounds by fitting new cabinets, worktops and doing the plumbing yourself.

What To Do With Your Old Kitchen
Whether you've just updated a few things or you've fitted a completely new kitchen, you're bound to have some old bits that you no longer want. However, if they are still useable, or even if they are not, make sure that you recycle them. Sites like Freecycle also allow you to get rid of items that you no longer want or need. They may not be any use to you, but someone else may see some use or aesthetic value in them that you don't.

So even if you think you don't have the budget for a complete overhaul of your kitchen, then there are ways to cut the price down so you can get the kitchen that you really want.

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