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Make your own creative coat rack

As the temperature plummets and the rain lashes down, thick coats become an everyday necessity. Finding somewhere to keep these frequently soggy creatures is something many people battle with - especially those who have limited storage space. A simple solution is a wall-mounted coat rack.

In essence, this consists of little more than a rectangular board with hooks attached to it. By choosing interesting components to use as the hooks and backing board, creativity can easily make up for limited DIY skills.

Make a Creative Coat Rack

Items that can be used for hooks include door knobs, taps, bolts, driftwood or even toys. The choice of backing board can range from old shelves, floorboards and headboards to old signage. Pretty much anything that can be drilled will work.

For those new to DIY, finding a backing board that is already cut to the right shape can make things easier. The same goes for the hooks - try using items that are designed to be attached at right angles to a flat surface.

Scour jumble sales, bric-a-brac shops, architectural salvage yards and skips for parts. This will save money and help generate novel ideas.

Coat Rack

Yardstick coat rack

  • 5 yardsticks of the same length and thickness
  • 1/4" plywood
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Triton drill
  • 5 coat hooks
  • 2 picture brackets

Step 1
Place the yardsticks one above the other on the plywood so that they form a solid rectangle.

Step 2
Draw around the outside edge using a pencil. Cut the plywood to size using the inside edge of the line as a guide. Using the inside edge will ensure that no plywood is visible on the finished rack.

Step 3
Glue the yardsticks on to the plywood using wood glue. Clamp them in place while the glue dries. Use a scrap piece of wood beneath the clamp so that equal pressure is applied across all of the yardsticks. Wipe away any excess glue using a damp cloth and leave to dry overnight.

Step 4
Drill holes for the coat hooks at six inch intervals along the coat rack. Secure them in place using screws. Those wanting to use more unusual items such as hooks may need to buy or otherwise borrow something similar.

Step 5
Attach the picture brackets to the back of the rack and hang on the wall ready for use.

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