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5 Bank Holiday DIY Tips to Keep Your Property in Order

During your tenure as a landlord, there will come a time when you need to perform renovation work on your property. Now, with the bank holiday rapidly approaching and a whole day off work, is the perfect time to make a start. Here are a few simple ways to keep your property in order and make it more attractive for your prospective tenants.

Make your property appealing

#1 Choose Quality Flooring


If it's time to upgrade the flooring in your property, then choosing a high quality replacement is key. The floor of any property is subject to a large amount of wear and tear, so consider ditching carpeting in favour of something easy to clean, durable and modern, such as commercial grade tile, linoleum or hardwood.


This flooring is likely to require a higher initial outlay than carpeting, but it will also provide a higher overall return, and should last for two to three decades. The ROI should be somewhere between 70-90 per cent.

#2 Choose Good Quality Bathroom Fittings


New bathroom fittings can dramatically improve the look of the whole room, but if you're planning on upgrading steer clear of lower quality fittings – these are more prone to corrosion and can buckle when in use.

#3 Remodel One Room at a Time


Unless you have the time and finances for a long term renovation project, choose one room to upgrade rather than trying to overhaul the whole property in a day. It's a good idea to start by remodelling the room with the highest ROI, so kitchens and bathrooms are a good place to start. Small updates to these areas, like new hardware or lighting fixtures, can dramatically change the look of a space, and require only a small amount of time and effort to effect.

#4 Repaint


Some statistics suggest that painting can have an almost 100 per cent ROI, so make it a habit to give walls a fresh coat of paint every five years or so.

#5 Go Green

Shower Head

Use your bank holiday to shop around for some energy efficient appliances. The benefits of upgrading will be three-fold: they'll last longer, are environmentally friendly and help to save you, and your tenants, money. Consider a low-flush toilet to conserve water in the bathroom and lower your monthly water bills, or think of installing a low flow shower. In the kitchen, try fitting a new, energy-efficient oven, dishwasher or laundry machine to cut energy costs and increase the rental appeal of your property.

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