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Choosing the right door furniture

I love ironmongery, it's weird I know, but I just can't help myself. I can loose most of an afternoon browsing through the goods on offer in a well stocked aisle. Thinking about sizes and styles, colours and finishes: not to mention the technical particulars of the fittings themselves.

Door furniture - Door knobs and door knockers

Kitchens are not complete without the right handles, knobs or hooks and I loathe seeing a brand new kitchen where nobody with an eye for detail has taken the time to think about these all important finishing touches. New homes are the worst, buy off plan without discussing door furniture at your peril! Everyone notices a beautifully designed door handle, they are, after all, something we touch everyday.

If you own a cottage and your kitchen is a traditional wooden style, perhaps hand made porcelain for the cupboards and drawers would be just the thing. You can choose all the same design or for a more quirky and eclectic look, miss-match different ones in a variety of colours and patterns - the result will be gorgeous.

Door Handle

You could decide to go vintage if you design your kitchen to be inspired by say the 1930's, spending happy hours scouring the local flea market or car boot sale for originals to add that touch of authenticity. There are endless opportunities to pick out just the right thing to finish your look.

My personal favourite though has to be the ultra modern, sleek stainless steel finishes which are out there. Will you go for curvy and tactile or angular and uncompromising? Offset the high-gloss finish of a super-smart futuristic door front with just the right piece and your dream room is complete. Keeping up with the Joneses? They'll be trying to keep up with you.

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