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10 Reasons to Repaint Your Exterior Doors This Summer

Summer is the perfect season to get some DIY done around the house and prepare everything for the colder seasons. One handiwork project you might want to finish this summer is repainting your exterior doors. We've put together a list of 10 reasons outlining why you should give your front door a makeover this season.

Have you ever walked past a house where the door's paint is peeling and the wood is all battered and rotten? It's hardly the sort of place you'd like to enter. A fresh paint job will make your exterior doors look much more welcoming.

Tips on how to properly paint your front door

Mona Culberson from SFGate gives tips on how to properly paint your front door. She says: "No paint will stick to dirt, grease or rust, so you will have to clean the door before you paint." In other words, by repainting your door, at the same time, you'll be checking that it's still in good condition.

A new paint job can protect your door from harsh weather conditions. Be sure to get your paint from a reputable paint supplier such as Rawlins to be certain it offers the right protection.

Your front door can be a mirror of your personality. Whether you're opting for stripes, neon colours or a dark and elegant paint job – just be you. The Haven Help Us bloggers add: "I read about one family that paints their front door a different colour every year. What a fun idea! As your colour tastes change, so can your front door! Don't be afraid to show your personality. If bright colours make you happy, have a nice bright door."

You can show off your house's architecture by using multiple colours. It's important that you choose colours that suit the style of your house, though.

You can use the opportunity to add beautiful accessories to your exterior doors. For instance, you can find lots of beautiful door handles and knockers online or in DIY-shops.

If you've got foliage climbing up your walls, you can use a colour on your front door, which will enhance the look. You can find some colour ideas that go well with green on Color Combos

Painting can be fun and therapeutic. By painting your exterior doors, not only are you upgrading your home, but you also get to relax.

A noticeable door is a great landmark. How often have you tried to find a house in a suburban, samey looking neighbourhood? If you paint your door in a novel way, then even first-time visitors will have no trouble finding your place.

If your door has a pattern on it, use a contrasting colour to emphasise this. This will give your door a new, unique twist.

Your front door is the first and last thing your visitors will see, and it's therefore worth putting in the time to make sure it looks welcoming. Don't be afraid to let your exterior doors show your personality. Choose colours you love and at the same time protect your doors from harsh weather conditions.

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