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How to fit door furniture

A good set of door furniture will help deter any would be burglar as well as providing a decorative addition to your front door. Once you have chosen your new door furniture you will need to have certain tools to hand before you start. It`s not a particularly difficult task but it will help if you have everything to hand in advance.

Door furniture fitting

Have a decent sized dust sheet to lay down under the door, a pencil, drill and some small bits and various sized drill bits, wood drill bits, wood chisel, screwdrivers of various sizes, bradawl, tape measure and a wood chisel.

The first thing that is needed is to mark the height required for the door handle using the pencil. Make the mark where the centre of door handle will be, close to the edge of the door, the pencil mark will of course be able to be removed at a later date using either an eraser or a damp/wet cloth.

Next, need to mark where the centre of the door latch is going to be by holding the door latch plate flush against the edge of the door, again using the pencil, mark the centre. It will now be necessary to be able to drill the required holes for the spindle and door latch.

At this point use either the drill or wood chisel to chisel out the recess for the door latch to slip into, ensure that the latch completely fits into the recess. Now it is time to use the drill to drill a small hole for the spindle to turn completely and freely.

Once the front door plate has been attached and fixed into its position then check that the spindle is turning freely, ensure that all necessary adjustments that may be required are then made before attaching and fixing the latch completely. If the door that is being fitted is made from softwood then this is where it would be advisable to use the bradawl to get the screws `started`.

Important parts of any front door furniture are good sound door locks. Guidelines suggest that two types of locks are used, namely a mortise deadlock and a cylinder rim lock. The latter of the two locks would be fitted at the top of the door. Usually these type of locks come provided with a paper template.

Once the position of the lock has been marked using the pencil as before, use the paper template in order to mark the exact position of the screws. The door will need to be secured in order to drill the hole for the cylinder locking mechanism, (set the drill to fast speed to cut down on splintering of the wood). Once done, check the hole for sizing.

Next the mounting plate will need to be fitted to the inside of the door, once in position check the sizing of the cylinder locking mechanism by passing it through from the outside of the door and use a hacksaw to saw the cylinder to the right size as recommended by the manufacturer.

Now fit the inside part of the lock checking with the key provided that the locking mechanism is working correctly. Adjustments may need to be made to the cylinder if it is not working at this stage. As stated earlier if extra locks are required for security purposes it may be best to seek advice on how fit a good Door Lock Combination such a mortise deadlock. Some older people may prefer the addition of a security chain and these are relatively easy to fit.

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