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How to Build Free-standing Shelves in your Garage

If your garage is in dire need of reorganisation, a great way to get rid of the clutter is to install some storage shelves. What's even better is you can build your own sturdy, free-standing shelves with a few tools and some wood, instead of paying over the odds for someone else to do it for you! So how can you go about this? Read this post to find out!

The 'Three Ws' to a successful shelving system

The 'Three Ws'
Firstly, you need to consider the 'three Ws' of what, where and why. In other words, what size frame you want to build, whereabouts in your garage you intend to place them and what you are going to use them for. You need to think about this as it will inform how much wood you need to buy.

The Right Gear
Next, you need to get hold of the following:
Treated 2x4 Timber – enough for the frame, support braces, shelving beams and    legs
• Power Tools – Drill Driver and Nail Gun
• Hand Tools – Hand Saw, Hammer and 3" Nails
• Measuring – Tape Measure, Spirit Level, Pencil
• Securing – Wood Glue
If you're struggling for certain items, look online for specialist retailers like Anglia Tool Centre as they will offer you more comprehensive choice.

Now you're tooled-up and you've decided on the size you want, work your way through the following steps:
#1 – Set aside four beams (or cut them to the height you want) for your legs and cut eight braces to the length you need for the shelf depth you want.
#2 – On each leg carefully measure and mark with your pencil where you want each brace to be, which again depends on the gap you want between shelves. Leave a few inches gap from the top/bottom.
#3 – Line four of these up on one of the legs and nail/screw them in with your tools into the legs. Then, with all four attached, nail on the other leg on the opposite side of the braces.
#4 – Repeat the process to make the next support frame.
#5 – Stand each part of the frame the required distance apart you want them to be, then lay the beams across to create the shelves and nail/screw them down. (You can also glue these to make them extra secure)

It's as simple as that! You can also add further support frames to extend the length of your shelves, the choice is yours. All there is to do now is, place them where you want and get them filled and in no time at all your garage will be as good as new!

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