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Garage Glam: 3 Awesome Tips for Your Garage Remodel

How do you use your garage?
Tiki bar?
Storage unit?
Man cave?

Statistics show that 1 out of every 10 Brits have evicted their vehicle and turned their garage into an extra room. Garages offer us a ton of extra space, even if that space is shared with a car. Why not revamp it and make the most out of it?

Sorting out your garage space

A garage remodel can clean things up and get you organized. Check out our top 3 tips to glam up your garage with a remodel.

1. Let There Be Light

If your current garage is reminiscent of a prison cell, it's time to ramp up your lighting game. Create a lighting plan like you would in any room of your home.

Build plenty of can lights into the ceiling to illuminate different areas. Use work lamps near workbenches and storage areas to help you see better while you're working. And use table and floor lamps in recreational areas like you would inside your home.

Natural light is the best though. And there's no rule against a garage having large windows. So if you can, add windows to your garage to let in the light and the views.

Can't add windows? Consider a new garage door that has built-in windows. It's easier to replace a garage door than to put windows into an existing wall.

2. Don't Neglect the Floor

You'd be amazed at how much new flooring can change the look of a space. Most garages have a concrete floor. So before you start your remodel, assess how well the floor has held up over the years.

If the floor is uneven, heavily cracked, or soiled, you may need to remove areas of concrete and replace them. The website is a good example of a company with a variety of concrete tools to help you do this.

If the concrete is in good shape, consider laying down laminate flooring. Or use special concrete paint to paint over them. Make sure you prepare the floor before you do this by cleaning it thoroughly.

Rubber floor mats are also a great option, especially if you're planning to use the garage as a work space. These mats are comfortable to walk on. And they're a breeze to clean.

Garage Glam

3. Plan Out Your Storage Zones

Before you begin your remodel, measure the space and organize the floorplan. No matter what you plan to use the garage for, this is an essential step to maximize storage.

Zone off the work areas and the recreational areas. Add different types of cabinetry to each zone.
For example, use kitchen cabinets above and below the bar area. Then add industrial tool cabinets and a large workbench to the work area. And finally, use wall shelving where the car is parked.

And don't forget about planning storage for the ceiling. Hooks are great for hanging bikes and ladders. And consider adding a crawlspace for added storage above if the ceiling is finished.

Create a Garage Remodel that Fits Your Needs

Your garage space is part of your home. Invest in that space and make it work for your needs with a garage renovation!

Create a lighting plan like you would in any other room in your home. Spend some time redoing the floor to make the place feel complete. And always plan out your storage zones before you start to maximize space.

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