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Garden Storage

Your garden is a wonderful place, it connects you with the outdoors, grounds you and leaves you feeling relaxed. That is, unless it's overgrown and unusable, with abandoned tools lying forlorn in the undergrowth. This is why, whether your garden is beautiful and groomed, or with a touch of the wild about it, it is important to have enough storage and space for all the things you need for your garden.

Practical storage shelters for your garden

The Shed
The iconic garden shed is no longer just for 'him-outdoors', instead it can be put to a whole manner of different uses. Whether you turn it into a den or play room for the children, or a place to yourself, or the more traditional use of storage of tools and lawnmowers. The key is to make sure that it is utilised effectively. Think about what and how you will position things in your shed. If possible compartmentalise the space so you know where everything belongs and you don't just shove things in there when you're done with them.

Bike Shelters
Bike shelters are very handy for keeping bicycles, motorbikes and things like lawnmowers handy and easy to reach, but safe. Storage shelters from Asgards come in a variety of different sizes, so depending on how big or small your garden and how many items you need to store; you will have solved the chaos of having too many things in your shed. The storage solutions from Asgards are made from galvanised steel and have 'pick-resistant' locking systems, making them a safe place for your valuable belongings and garden tools. They are available in a variety of different sizes and styles, depending on how many bikes you wanted to store, for example.

Deck Benches
Just like inside your home, you may need to be clever when it comes to your storage solutions. Deck benches that are more like ottomans can help solve this problem. If you don't have a shed, then consider keeping your tools under your seat. Of course, you'd have to make sure it's waterproof, but you could also store outdoor toys, outdoor floor cushions or other small items.

The Style
It's important to keep your garden storage in a similar style to the rest of your garden. If, for instance, the rest of your furniture or buildings are wooden, then it might be best if your storage is also wooden. If, on the other hand, your garden is more industrial, then you could have something made of metal.

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