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3 Easy to Make Halloween Decorations

So it's that time of year again, where people all over the world celebrate Halloween. Adults get dressed up in their favourite costumes and go out and party, while children go trick or treating.

If you're looking to decorate your home or place of work with spooky decorations, then why not make them yourselves instead of spending a fortune? Go on, create that sinister atmosphere, invite your friends around and watch their reactions!

How to make your own halloween decorations

Article supplied by Balloons by Up Up and Away Ltd



Source: flickr

What you need:
• Pencil and paper or template of a crow
• 1x A3 piece of cardboard
• 2x Empty paper towel rolls
• Sellotape
• Black spray paint or black paint
• Scissors

1. Find a crow template that you like online, or if you've got an artistic flair, draw it on a piece of paper and cut it out yourself!
2. Now use your paper as a template and draw around the piece of cardboard.
3. Get your empty paper towel rolls, cut them into two, then in half and sellotape them onto either side of your bird.
4. Paint your birds black on both sides.
5. Make a cut through a little piece of cardboard and you've got yourself something for the crow to sit on!


Skeleton with a Top Hat!


Source:Up up and away, Wikimedia

You can get a cardboard cut out of a skeleton from Balloons By Up Up and Away, and make the Top Hat yourself!

What you need:
• 1x A3 piece of cardboard
• Measuring tape
• Glue
• 1x A3 felt material
• Scissors

Here are some quick and easy steps on how to make a top hat yourself:

1. Measure the circumference of the skeleton's head with your measuring tape.
2. Roll the cardboard into a circle, with the measurement of the skeleton's head.
3. Cut another 2 inches of cardboard in a circle for the brim.
4. Make the brim fit below the cardboard cut out.
5. Bend the brim upwards and glue it onto the circle.
6. Cut a brim out of the felt material, place on top of the brim and glue it down.
7. Cut out a circle to measure the same as the top of the hat and glue above it.
8. Cut the same measurement felt material as you did the circle to begin with, but do it as a long piece rather than a circle, put this around the hat and stick it down.


Glowing Pumpkin Ghost


Source: flickr

What you need:
• 1x Pumpkin
• Pencil
• Adhesive tape
• Bowl
• Scissors
• Spoon
• A small saw or serrated knife*
• 1x tea light

*use with adult supervision only

1. Choose a ripe pumpkin and draw the design on the front.
2. Draw a keyhole shape above the pumpkin for the head with your pencil and ensure it is large enough to fit your hand through.
3. Lift the lid and slice any stringy pieces from the underside into the bowl and scoop the seeds out.
4. Smooth and stick the ghost template above the pumpkin, outline the entire pattern with holes and take the template off.
5. Join the dots with your small saw or serrated knife using a sawing motion, but do not slice through it – ensure you have adult supervision whilst carrying out this task. Keep following the dotted outline until the entire design has been carved.
6. Light the tea light, put it at the bottom of the pumpkin, and place the lid back on.

Tip – light up pumpkins look best in the dark.

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