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How to Create a High-End Looking Kitchen without Spending a Fortune

One of the most common, if not the most popular rooms to renovate in a home, is the kitchen. The kitchen is more than just a space where food is made and served; it tends to be the gathering spot and centre of the home. With that, it is common to entertain in the kitchen, relax there, and just generally spend a fair amount of time in it. Spending the money and time to renovate the space tends to make sense for homeowners, since it allows them to make the best use out of the space.

So, what happens if you're dreaming of renovations to your kitchen but your vision doesn't quite match with your budget? Having champagne tastes on a soda budget can be frustrating at best. Not to worry, however, as there are a number of ways you can create that high-end kitchen look and feel without having to go over budget. Let's take a look how it's possible.

Kitchen Improvements

Replace Your Current Worktop
Few spaces in the kitchen take as much of a beating as your worktop. Over time it can start to look worn, stained, it may have damage to it, and it can look dated. Obviously, if you were going to go high-end, you'd be looking at a natural stone, but this definitely doesn't fit with a budget kitchen renovation. Instead, you can look at the various laminate options available today.

Laminate worktops have come a long way and today you can find varieties that are absolutely stunning, interesting, stylish, and even look like natural stone if you choose. Take for example the Black Sparkle Gloss counter available through Savoy Timber. The sparkle is able to catch the light and reflect it, much like the sparkles and flecks you can find in granite. This particular style features a drip seal, matching splashbacks and upstands, has that glitter finish that makes it more natural looking, and is extremely easy to clean.

You can fit laminate kitchen worktops where your existing one is with relative ease. Simply remove the old one and install the new one.

Change Out the Hardware
Another item that can age a kitchen and take away from its style is the hardware. Hardware gets used each and every day which is why it will become worn and aged looking over time. By changing out all the hardware, you can go with something modern, sleek, and more current. Sometimes changing out the hardware will create such an impact that it will look like you've installed all new cupboards.

Refinish Your Existing Cupboards
Speaking of your cupboards, this is another area you can renovate in a budget-friendly manner. Rather than rip out all your existing cupboards and spend a small fortune on new ones, you may be able to refinish your existing ones. If your cupboard material allows, you can sand it down and then re-stain or paint them. This will give a totally different look in the kitchen, and can even create that custom cupboard vibe that is so common in high-end kitchens.

Different gardeners in the local community will then place some quotations and it is then up to you to choose who to go. Do not always go for the cheapest. You can look at the profile of all the people that have quoted and this will then give you an indication of what work they have done for others and any feedback that the previous customers have left them. If you are hesitant due to previous feedback, you can always ask them direct questions about this and give them an opportunity to explain. Keeping your garden nice, tidy and modern will always help with your home value.

Give Thought to the Lighting
Lighting is another priority in high-end kitchens. Not only do you need to have enough lighting, but it needs to be the right type of lighting, and there should be some variety. Rather than relying on the standard overhead light, mix it up and include things such as task lighting, under-cabinet lighting, drop lighting, and anything else that works in the space.

By taking this approach, the lighting will not only be useful but it will also add to the décor and atmosphere of the kitchen.

Invest in New Appliances
Appliances are another item that can really elevate the look of a kitchen. If you plan on doing a renovation, it's usually a good time to also think about new appliances. There is no need to go with the top-of-line designs, rather pick items that fit in the space well, are sleek, and very clean and modern looking. Stainless steel tends to be the most popular finish to go for since it is so versatile.

Let the Natural Light In
For those homeowners who have a window(s) and a patio door in the kitchen, you will want to be sure this is a focal point in the design. Encouraging as much natural light as possible will make the room feel bright, fresh, and inviting. This may require you to shuffle your existing furniture items around and remove any heavy drapery.

A Kitchen You Will Want to Spend Time In
Each of these tips is designed to help you save money on your kitchen renovation without having to sacrifice on style and function. At the end of the day, you'll be left with a room that is gorgeous and stylish, yet didn't break the budget.

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