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How to Create a Good Learning Environment in School

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), 56.5% of the staff questioned reported a deterioration in children's behaviour. Boys show a much greater willingness to be verbally and physically aggressive even to grown-ups, while girls are more likely to ostracise and call each other names.

With loud children running around the classroom it's impossible for anyone to learn anything. Many different aspects play a part in creating a supporting and healthy learning environment for everybody.

Here are a few of them in a little more detail

Walls and furniture
At first it might not sound like much, but having creative pictures, paintings and colourful texts on the classroom walls can make a huge difference, as they can inspire and motivate children. Furthermore, having some colour on the walls can have an effect on people's moods, even if we don't always notice it.

Green, for instance, is often associated with tranquillity and health, and blue is supposed to make you feel more productive. Either way, a room with a little bit of colour on the wall immediately feels much more welcoming.

As for the furniture, it's important that there are sufficient comfortable chairs available to the children. Even the NHS warns that sitting too much is a huge health hazard and at school, kids will often sit on a chair for six hours or more. This can lead to soreness, cramps, and even more serious health issues such as an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. It's therefore no surprise that children don't like sitting on uncomfortable furniture and hence move around a lot.

Study materials and books
It's no secret that children get bored easily. To keep them interested, you need to make good, motivating study material available to them. Online-based offers a wide range of stationery materials that can help to make lessons more innovative.

For instance, forget about watercolours for once and let children try out new ways of expressing themselves. Have them work with clay, dough or maybe even textiles. Instead of playing football again, let them try out the trampoline and if there's enough money available, then ensuring that your school gets new laptops and computers is invaluable. They can help children with all subjects, including Design and Technology and Computer Studies.

In today's day and age it's important that kids learn how to use a computer properly to be fully prepared for the world and that can be difficult when your school is still sporting old machines from the previous decades. And of course then there are books, which are still an incredibly important source of knowledge. If you can make interesting books available to the kids, then you might be able to inspire them to read more for their own pleasure. Children who like to read tend to do much better at school.

Classroom Procedures
One of the most important things for a good learning environment are ordered classroom procedures. Teachers need to make sure that the children are aware of the rules and that the procedures are being followed. For instance, if a child wants to answer a question, it needs to lift its arm and wait to be called out.

Make sure that all children clean up their workspaces and you might want to consider making the kids enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner. Schools that adapt to children properly have a great chance of creating a healthy, welcoming and nourishing learning environment for their pupils. This gives every kid the chance to get the education it deserves.

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