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The Best Miter Saw Stands Available

Using a miter saw and other power tools can greatly increase efficiency of projects, precision and ensure completion of projects to the desired standards. When using a miter saw, a miter saw stand not only provides you a workbench when performing different jobs on a job-site it also allows you greater precision and accuracy when cutting with your miter saw. And, rather than having to bend, stand and continually lift and lower heavy items the miter saw stand will help prop the items you are working with up so as to avoid these undue stresses.

Saw Types

Of course, you want to purchase the best product to do the job. There are many brands, saw stands, and varieties, including heavy-duty or more versatile options available. So, prior to choosing your miter saw stand it is important to compare the top models available. You'll want to find the best products which can be purchased at an affordable price and will allow you to get the job done quickly and efficiently and ensure the most precision when it is of high importance on the projects you are completing for a client.

Dewalt DWX726
Recommended by 123Reviewed, this rolling miter stand has wheels allowing you to easily transport from one work-site to another and they lock into place when the stand is in use to avoid movement or danger when using your saw. You can easily lower or raise it with a lever allowing you to work at the appropriate levels for any job. It has a large and sturdy base so it won't move and allows you to place larger wood, planks, and materials you are sawing onto the stand easily. It fits any Dewalt brand saw perfectly as well so you can use it interchangeably on different projects or work-sites

Bosch T4B
This is ideal for those who are searching for simplicity in design, while finding a durable and sturdy miter saw stand. It is made of a brushed stainless-steel finish so you know it won't easily get dented or dinged up when working with heavy items. It has roller wheels making transporting it around easy You can effortlessly fold and unfold it to store it.The mount easily attaches and detaches based upon what size wood you are working with when sawing on the stand. It does adjust easily with a lever as well, so you can seamlessly lower or lift it when working with different projects.

HTC PM 4000
The portamate miter saw stand is adjustable, lightweight and extremely sturdy on its frame when the product is in use. It does not have roller wheels to transport but it does fold easily and is very light making it versatile to take with you to any job. It is easy to setup and takes a matter of minutes to set up on the projects you are working with. It is robust and can hold heavier miter saws which other stands might not be capable of holding. The saw brackets seamlessly move along as you are sawing so you don't have to worry about jamming or the miter saw getting stuck in a position when you need to work quickly.

Genesis GMSS400
This heavy-duty miter saw stand is ideal for larger construction sites or when you are sawing several larger planks of wood and want to complete the project efficiently and work as productively as possible. It is a little tougher for you to move around than other stands on the list. Nonetheless, it is sturdy, it can hold greater weight amounts and it is going to allow you to do jobs in less time than smaller miter stands would allow for.

The saw mounting takes a few minutes to set up, it has roller wheels which allows you to transport it around a job site easily as well. It is extremely rigid and won't move once you set it up to begin sawing; this ensures you won't cut yourself, cut the wood incorrectly or otherwise make mistakes when working with heavier pieces of wood on job sites you are performing construction projects on. The stand does adjust, but for taller users it might still be a bit too short as it doesn't adjust as high as other saw stands are capable of moving up.

Dewalt DMX725B
The brand Dewalt is synonymous with quality and great power tools. This is for heavy duty projects you are working on. It has a rugged exterior design, the stainless-steel leg frames won't move and the rubber stoppers on the feet ensure precision and a flat surface when you are ready to place the miter saw and wood on the stand for sawing. It has telescoping legs, making it easy to set up virtually anywhere and when not in use it folds up to a slim-compact shape so you can place it anywhere without taking up too much space in storage. It can also double up as a saw-horse in a hurry if you are working on multiple projects at the same time. It is a bit compact, so it might not support the longest board, but is sturdy, works quickly and allows you to place multiple boards on top of one another to reduce the time you are sawing wood planks on a job site.

You don't have to compromise on the quality or choose a brand which you have never heard of when investing in a new miter saw stand simply to save on the cost you will pay to purchase it. In fact, each of these models is highly affordable and guarantees the precision you desire, ease of use and brand-name reputation for a reasonable price point. Depending on the work you plan on using the stand for which miter saw you own and where you plan on setting it up these are some of the top saw stands to consider for any project or job site you are working on.

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