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4 Steps to Take When Getting an Emergency Repair for Your Oven

When a household appliance breaks down it can be a real pain. Even if all your stuff is covered under warranty, or the landlord will fix it on your behalf, the inconvenience of being without these vital appliances can have a serious impact on day to day life.

For example, should the shower or boiler break then the inability to wash will be noticed after just a few days.

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Should your oven break down, then fortunately this shouldn't impact on your ability to feed yourself as there are uncooked alternatives and other means of cooking. However, it can still be an inconvenience, in fact a faulty or poorly maintained oven can present a serious fire hazard. Should you notice problems with your oven, in particular if it appears to be running much hotter than its settings or readings indicate, then you should immediately seek repairs.

By taking the following four steps, you can make the process of having your oven repaired as straightforward and as pain-free as possible. When emergency repairs are needed, you want to get them taken care of as quickly as possible, but you should still take the time to ensure that you get the job done properly and with the minimum amount of hassle.

Check Your Tenancy Agreement
You should have a written tenancy agreement with your landlord. This document is your bible when it comes to household issues as it will spell out clearly and exactly what obligations your landlord has towards you, and what your responsibilities as the tenant are. There are certain rules that apply to the landlord – tenant relationship that apply irrespective of any tenancy agreement stipulations.

These legal obligations state that your landlord has to undertake a number of different repairs if they are needed, among these are gas appliances. However, there are occasions where you might with to undertake the repairs yourself and if that is the case then check your agreement carefully to check you will be reimbursed.

Inform Your Landlord
You should inform your landlord of any issues that you experience with your oven as they could potentially be indicative of an issue with serious safety implications. Both excessive heat and the release of gas are potential safety hazards that can result from a faulty oven. You will also need to tell your landlord so that they can initiate a repairs process.

Document the Issue
If there is any kind of visual indication of the problem with your oven, then make sure to get a photo of it. If there is another way you can think of documenting the issue, then do so. Hopefully your landlord will be as helpful as they can and will streamline the repairs process for you, but you should still document what happens. If you have repeated issues, then it may show a deeper problem with the property.

Get a Report from the Repair Service
Whether repairs are undertaken by a service that you hire yourself, or if the landlord arranges it on your behalf, you should be provided with a report by law. Make sure that you understand this report and don't be afraid to ask the repair service any questions you have about the information it contains. Make sure that you or your landlord hires a reputable repair service; Hotpoint customer service is far ahead of the industry standard so they are a great choice if you are unsure.

When an oven breaks down, the consequences can range from the inconvenience of an unpredictable cooking temperature, to the potentially devastating consequence of an oven overheating and sparking a fire. It is important that you have any issues with household appliances fixed as soon as possible, so speak to your landlord so that you can work out a process to repair or replace the faulty item.

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