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Common Causes of Personal Injury on Construction Sites

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces and there are many hazards that can potentially mean you will need to seek out lawyers in your area. When you are surrounded constantly by heavy machinery and there are lots of materials being loaded and unloaded, this puts hazards at seemingly every turn. This makes it hard to avoid personal injuries!

Here, we are taking you through some of the hazards you need to be wary of when working on a construction site and also how you can make a claim through a personal injury solicitor should you sustain an injury at work.


Fires and Explosions
Fires and explosions are common on construction sites and while we all know that electricity and water being mixed leads to disaster, this is still a common issue on construction sites. These are not the most common injuries on construction sites, however, when they do occur they can potentially be fatal. If you spot any fire hazards, be sure to report this to an on-site manager to avoid any accidents.

A very common personal injury on construction sites is having a bad fall. Throughout 2016 falls actually made up over half of all reported injuries in the construction sector. Falls comes in two categories. This can either be falling from a height, or falling on the same level, such as tripping up.

On construction sites, these types of falls can be common due to incomplete roofs and floor openings, however, you should take certain precautions and measures to ensure that the risk of experiencing a personal injury on a construction site is minimal. This includes keeping the construction site well lit and using the appropriate equipment.

Hearing Issues
Hearing loss can come in many forms when it comes to workplace injury, but the amount of these claims being made by people working in construction is quite large. According to Roper James, a law firm, Plymouth, who have an expertise in industrial deafness claims, state that "these claims traditionally arose from the hard-industrial processes, where employees were exposed to sustained periods of excessively loud noise". For many construction workers, their environment may be very similar to this, and may be experiencing the initial signs of industrial deafness without even realising it.

If you think that this may be having an impact on your life, make sure to contact these personal injury lawyers in Plymouth from Roper James – they may not be specifically in your area, but for such a unique claim you need lawyers that are well versed in your particular case.

Having an Object Hit You
Another common personal injury claim is being struck by an object on a construction site. This can happen when debris falls down or a worker drops a tool. Even if the tool is not large, it can still have a devastating effect when dropped from a height. Workers should always wear hard hats to try and prevent this from happening.

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