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10 pre-teen bedroom décor tricks they won't outgrow

If you're looking to decorate your pre-teen's bedroom, it's easy to get lost in the world of kids' interiors or succumb to their latest phase. To make things cheaper in the long run, decorating their room in a way that will grow with their age is a clever way to add value to a home, as well as give them a space that they won't be embarrassed by in a few years.

These simple tricks from will easily and effectively create a great looking pre-teen's bedroom that will stand the test of time.

Bedroom décor tricks

1. Paint the walls in a neutral shade walls

Paint all four walls in a neutral shade that will suit a variety of colours and textures. Greys, warm minks and crisp whites are stylish alternatives to cream and beige. It's important to keep potential style updates in mind. Avoid painting walls in bright childish colours that will be quickly grown out of.

2. Use easily changeable wall accents
Add a fun statement with removable wall accents. Create a playful display with vinyl wall stickers, washi tape shapes or bunting. You can also hang large strips of fabric from the walls, or create a canopy ceiling for a chic, dreamy feel.

3. Contrast with a bold colourcolour

Get your little one to pick out their favourite colour and go with it. Contrast neutral walls with bright, bold coloured soft furnishings and accessories to give their room a personal, quirky look that can be easily updated when they move on to the next shade.

4. Invest in a bed that is trend-neutral
Select a bed that doesn't tick a trend box, or pigeon-hole the room into being a childish space. This will be a frame that lasts through plenty of style updates to come. Opt for organic textures, neutral colours and simple designs. This Pine Mesta Bed is the perfect option.

5. Create clever storage
Think outside the box and use essential furniture for more than expected. A bookcase can also be a great place to store an array of toys, a radio or even a small TV and game station.

6. Dress their windows to impresswindows

Customise some simple, block colour blackout blinds with fabric paint or permanent markers, or invest in some bold blinds to instantly add personality and character.

7. Add a fluffy rug
Add an oversized, high-pile shaggy rug to add some instant colour and texture to your child's room. It will serve as a comfortable alternative to a desk to do homework on, or a relaxation place.

8. Create your own artwork.artwork

Create a feature wall by framing an oversized, bold A1 print and hanging it centrally above a desk. Print A4 and mismatched size pictures from favourite films, photographs or their artwork and hang them beside your main picture for extra affect.

9. Add interest with a bright chair
Instantly brighten up a bedroom by placing a vibrant chair in the corner, or at the desk. A plastic, bucket seat design will not only be comfortable and long-lasting, but also prove easy to clean.

10. Bring in the outdoorsoutdoors

Plants will give your child a sense of responsibility by having something to care for – a great alternative to a pet. They'll also give their room a calming atmosphere, clean the air and look great. Opt for fake plants if you'd rather keep things simple.

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