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Top tips to renovate your home on a budget

With the ongoing stagnation in the house market many are choosing to remain in their current homes and are looking to redecorate and bring a splash of excitement into their properties. Trends in home decor have taken a welcome turn with a return to traditional values and move away from austere and minimalist decor.

Natural materials are on the agenda for many rooms in the home, with a return to soft and tactile materials to promote a feeling of ease and relaxation. Wood, leather, fur and sumptuous fabrics are hot items, as home decor takes a turn for the opulent.

Recycle, rejuvenate, shop around.

Vintage is the word on many people’s lips, as designers look back to the golden years of the 50s and 60s for inspiration. This is great news for those on a budget, as with the time and effort it’s possible to achieve a strong and unusual look for your home that will have your friends green with envy. So, how best go about this and create an oasis of refined modern living without emptying your wallet.

Recycle and rejuvenate.
With the trend for vintage items many are looking to the past and seeking out retro furnishings from a number of sources. Antique furniture shops are hugely popular, but may not be the cheapest route, and if you have the time to search there are great options for picking up bargains. Flea markets and car boot sales offer a great way to snap up items from the past, often at bargain prices.

Most cities in the UK will also have a freecycle website. These encourage homeowners to donate and swap items that they no longer require. In order to mover yourself up the rankings you may have to play the game and give away a few items that you have collecting dust in the loft. Once you are part of the community there are many great things to be had and little bit of DIY magic can transform items into perfect fit your home.

Laminate flooring.
Flooring has a massive impact on the character of a room and with laminate flooring transformations can be achieved on a tight budget. Many shades and patterns are available from companies like offering the opportunity to bring a wood floor feel into your home. It can also be a DIY project cutting costs even further.

Budget homewares.
Stores such as Matalan and TK Maxx stock a wide range of end of the line furnishings and homeware products. They are a great stop for obtaining bedroom, kitchenware and items for your bathroom. As many of these items will be recently discontinued product lines you can grab some on trend items and live in style but on a budget.

Your family.
It's always worth asking around to see if people have things that they no longer require, or wouldn't mind lending for a while. This is a great way to perk up your surroundings and keep things fresh and interesting. Furniture like this comes with cherished memories making you feel closer to your loved ones.

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