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Renovating Your Home - Contracting and Insurance

Renovating your home can be a great alternative to moving or just trying to add value to a property. This guide will help you with two of the fields people most often have questions about: whether or not to get a contractor and where to get insurance.

Contracting vs. DIY

Doing the work yourself is an attractive proposition especially if you're on a tight budget. However, what initially seemed like the perfect way to save some cash, can soon turn into a nightmare when things don't go to plan. Unless you have experience in the area, it's generally recommended you seek out a professional. Let's say you begin a project beyond your skills, and later end up hiring a contractor to finish the job. Chances are your work isn't up to code and he'll want to remove it so he can start from scratch, this is going to cost you both your time and your money.

When looking for your contractor be prepared to put in some leg work. Speaking to as many labourers as possible is the best way to find a good deal, but don't forget to also consider the timeline they can work to. Do your best to work out a reasonable window of time that both you're happy with and that your contractor is confident he can fulfil.

If you have little experience in DIY, the most common way first time renovators try to save some cash is by doing the painting themselves. Take a look at our comprehensive guides of a less risk averse way to cut some of the cost.

The importance of making sure you're insured against any potential problems can't be stressed enough. Even with standard building and contents insurance you aren't guaranteed to be covered against problems that could occur during renovation. You'll need to check the terms and conditions of your agreement to see if they match your new circumstances such as if you'll be living in the property doing the work. UKinsurancenet provide additional renovation insurance whether you'll be living in the property or not and offer a fast price quote service so you can start planning right away.

Renovation is stressful at the best of times so make sure to follow these guidelines to prepare against any problems that could occur. Having the peace of mind that you're fully insured and hiring the right contractor for the job are the best ways to make sure this time goes by as smoothly as possible.

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