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Renting an Unfurnished Flat

Many flats that are on the rental market come unfurnished and that can be no bad thing. The problem with a furnished flat is that you have to live with someone else's taste and quite often, it's not nice new stuff, it's stuff that they've got tired of and have nowhere else to put.

Make the place your own

So, an unfurnished flat can be quite fun to furnish and make your own. You'll have the advantage of being able to keep the furniture when you move on, so although it's advisable to buy cheap furniture, don't go too cheap, or it won't last long enough to move into your next place.

Talk to your landlord about whether you can paint the walls and ceilings if the décor is a bit past it. Most landlords will welcome this kind of initiative from a tenant, and will probably either supply you with the materials or knock something off the rent for your efforts. The compromise will be choosing neutral colours that he or she isn't going to have to paint over when you move on.

You'll probably have priority items of furniture you need to get - like a bed and a cheap dining table and chairs. After that, everything's a bonus, but there are so many furniture sales on these days, you'll find enough bargains to furnish every room. If you're going to get a sofa, it makes sense to buy a sofa bed. Then you have an instant guest room in your living room, and there's no need to buy a spare bed.

Think carefully about each piece of furniture you buy. Make sure it's of a standard size so that when you move, your furniture can come with you.

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