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The Advantages of Using Steel Frame Building Systems

Are you thinking of buying new steel buildings for your land? There are many reasons why people love using steel buildings including for storage, for agricultural purposes, for industrial purposes and as garages, just to name a few. Here, we take you through all of the reasons why steel buildings are so incredibly popular and why you should be considering steel buildings for sale.

Design and Build

A Reduction in Construction Time
When purchasing steel frame buildings, all of the components of the building are already engineered and standardised beforehand. As you are just using standard components, this means that there is a reduction on the engineering, production and erection time of your steel buildings. So, your portal framed buildings can be delivered in good time after the approval of drawings. According to the steel building manufacturer Steel Buildings, their kits are usually ready for dispatch in 3-4 working weeks, but this can be 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the design (as stated at Not only is this extremely convenient, it will also save you money as there is a massive reduction in construction costs.

Save Money on Design
If you were to have a building designed specifically for you, this can turn into quite the expense. One of the fantastic things about using steel frame building systems is that you can purchase ones that have already been designed for you cutting out any extra design costs. Normally, steel buildings are formed of standard sections and connections and so you can easily jump online and purchase your steel building today with ease.

Save Lots of Money
One of the biggest attractions of using a steel framed building is how cost effective they are. As you are using a systems approach, you are saving a tonne of cash on not only the design but also the manufacturing and site erect cost. You can also enjoy reduced transportation costs as the structural elements are all shaped to follow the stress diagram of the member. This will lead to a reduction in the weight, cost and load to foundations. Compared to conventional steel, you can look forward to a price per square meter reduction of as much as a massive 30%!

Easy to Design Foundations
One of the most important factors in erecting steel buildings is ensuring that the foundation you are laying it on is strong and sturdy. When you are using steel buildings, they are about 30% lighter than your conventional steel structures. This means that your foundation can be a simple design that is easier to construct and weighs less.

Erecting Your Steel Buildings
Another huge advantage of using steel frame buildings is that you are not going to have to pay out a lot of money in time spent erecting your steel building. As all of the different parts of the building are standard and will connect together easily, this means that you can have your steel building delivered and set up in no time at all.

Expand Your Steel Building as You Wish
While you may be looking at purchasing smaller steel buildings right now, you never know, in the future you may be wishing that you had purchased a larger version. One of the great things about using steel buildings is that you have the flexibility of expansion! These types of buildings can easily be expanded on by adding in additional bays.

Low Maintenance
When you are purchasing steel buildings, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are not going to have lots of ongoing costs. These types of buildings are extremely low maintenance and will be supplied with everything you need to ensure that your building enjoys long durability and low maintenance costs.

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