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The Ultimate Guide to Mounting a TV

So you have bought a brand new LCD TV but what next? The very next thing that you need to do is mount it. Here is a step-by-step TV mounting guide to help you through the process.

How to mount your TV

Get to Know Your TV
Before you actually begin mounting your TV you need to "understand" it. Examine your TV once it is delivered to you. Typically, almost all TVs are constructed in line with VESA standards (Video Electronics Standards Association). Hence, at the back of your TV you are to find certain holes or ports that have standard sizes as prescribed by VESA standards. Measure theses in Millimeters, it should have a standard sizes anywhere from 100mm, 200mm, 300mm to 400mm. Some big TVs, curved and 4K screens may go upto as far as 640mm. You can find a little more info at

Measure the Distance between the Holes
The ports or holes at the back of your TV are likely to be positioned so as to form the four corners of a rectangle. Measure the distance between the centre of the holes to determine the width and length of the assumed rectangle. Once you have these dimensions, you are now ready to begin mounting your TV.

Choose a Mount
Next you need to choose a suitable mount for your TV. Selection of a mount depends on the size of your TV and place where it needs to be mounted. You can see a wide range of TV brackets at

If you are confused about which mount to choose for your TV, simply give us a call or drop us an email to tell us about your requirements and specifications. Our experts will then recommend a suitable mount for your TV.

Position the Mount
It is extremely important that you position your mount correctly. It needs to be fixed so that when you mount your TV, it is at a suitable distance from where you are likely to sit and watch it and at your eye level. Also, it is recommend that do not mount your TV on a surface that has light passing through it or you might have to put up with annoying screen glare. Hence, position your mount on a suitable surface at the recommended distance for viewing.

Attach the Adaptors or Plates to Your TV
Once all the necessary details are taken care of, you now need to begin mounting your TV. Go through the provided instructions and fix the mount's plate to your TV as suggested. Not following the instructions correctly, you might end up damaging your TV. Also, take care to use the correct set of screws for fixing the plate to your TV.

Measure the Location
Next, measure the location of your mount. It is to be placed so that when you mount your TV it is not too high or too low, you don't want neck pain from a long Netflix marathon. Then, place your mount on the wall and make sure that it is straight.

Drill Holes
Mark the positions where you need to drill holes on the wall. You may use a stud finder to make certain that you position and drill holes accurately.

Attach the Mount
Place your mount on the wall so that it is straight and drill it firmly into the wall.

Attach Your TV to the Mount
Lastly, attach your TV to the mount. Fix the plates or adaptors at the back of your TV to the mount firmly and you are all set to enjoy the ultimate viewing experience!

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