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Why should I buy work trousers over normal trousers?

There a bunch of great reasons for you to choose a specially designed work trousers over the traditional style of jeans, in this article we will be exploring the main reasons for choosing work trousers.

Work Trousers Have Many Benefits

Most work trousers are made from a complex blend of polyester and cotton, helping to ensure maximum durability and strength. The use of these dense materials also helps to decrease the damage that happens with normal wear and tear.
With many work trousers also having a double stitching along the seams to add another level of protection and longevity.

Although work trousers are a relatively simple way to protect the wearer, work trousers commonly protect against the day to day injuries that occur. Injuries such as lacerations and penetrations from sharp objects. Some work trousers also contain room for knee pads, knee pads are a great way to increase the level of protection that is needed when kneeling. Knee pads are usually made of foam materials which not only helps to protect against objects on the ground but also add comfort.

Types of trousers
With knee pads being one of the many different types of trousers available, you will quickly find a work trouser that has been specifically designed for your industry. Holster trousers are a very popular choice amongst the construction/ electrical plumbing industries. But sometimes the good old fashioned work trousers is all you need, the heavy duty design helps to increase durability compared to normal trousers.

There are many industries that use work trousers, such as:
• Automotive Repair & Build
• Construction
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• and many more
The standard use for work trousers is to protect the legs from damage, there are many more than the industries listed above who use work trousers. However we find the most common places are those who also use other PPE items such as hard hats, protective gloves and much more.

PPE covers a whole range of items and work trousers a basic form of this. Personal Protective Equipment is commonly used to protect the wearer from injuries, from protecting the head with the use of a hard hat to protecting the feet with a pair of steel toe cap boots.
PPE is a group of products that have been specified by the UK government, with many regulations designed to increase the safety of the wearer.
PPE is to protect against a number of injuries:
• the lungs, eg from breathing in contaminated air
• the head and feet, eg from falling materials
• the eyes, eg from flying particles or splashes of corrosive liquids
• the skin, eg from contact with corrosive materials
• the body, eg from extremes of heat or cold
To read more about PPE and why it is important, please visit

When looking into purchasing work trousers we would always advise you research the product's reviews and manufacturer to ensure good previous orders, this is easy to do with the help of eBay and Amazon. When you receive your items try them out give them a stretch and check the quality and stitching, work trousers are designed to be durable, so they should feel strong.

Article written by "Conor Lyons from Site King"

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