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Fitting Architrave

Architrave is the trim around a door, over time the architrave can become damaged with items being banged against it, especially children's toys. It may be that as a decorative feature, a plain architrave is going to be replaced with a more ornate design, or a painted architrave that has many coats and is badly chipped is being replaced with new so that it can be painted or varnished.

Fitting architraves

Remove architrave

Use a crowbar to prise away the old architrave, start on any side and work from the bottom upwards continually moving the crowbar to a new position. Place a block of wood beneath the crowbar to prevent damage to the wall surface.

Pull out nails

With the old architrave removed, prepare the door frame for the new architrave. Use a claw hammer or pincers to remove any old nails that may have been left behind and remove any old paint from the surface using a sanding block.

Measure frame width

Measure the internal width of the door frame and add 12mm (1/2") to the overall length, this will allow the architrave to be set back from the inside of the frame.

Mitre corners

Mark out the required length on the bottom edge of the architrave, use a mitre box to cut the ends at 45° making sure that the top edge of the architrave is longer than the bottom.

Fit architrave

Nail the architrave in place starting with the top length. Set it back from the door frame by 6mm (1/4") and make sure that an equal amount projects at each side.

Fill nail holes

Fit the side lengths by butting them up to the top length and making sure that they too are set back from the edge of the door frame by 6mm (1/4"). Punch all the nail heads below the surface and fill the holes and any gaps between the mitred ends with wood filler, sand down and either paint or varnish.

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