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Boxing in Pipes

Pipes are often run on the surface of a wall, these may look unsightly and would be better hidden from view. The easiest way to achieve this is to build a box around the pipes. If there are any hand valves, drain cocks or fittings make the panel removable for easy access. If regular access is required the panel can be hinged and a catch fitted.

Boxing in pipes

Measure the distance from the wall to the front of the pipes, allowing for clips, or fittings such as valves. Add 12mm (1/2") for clearance, then use timber battens for the sides. Drill holes through the battens so the screws can pass straight through, place the battens on the wall, use a spirit level to line them up vertically and mark the wall. Drill and plug the wall and secure the battens in place.

Box in pipes

Measure the external width of the two side battens and cut a front panel using plywood or MDF to the required width. If the panel does not need to be removed use nails to secure in place, if access is required use screws, but first drill holes through the front panel large enough for the screw body to pass through. MDF safety precautions

Box around vents

Any sections where access is not required can be decorated over with wallpaper or tiles, to match up with the existing decor. Make sure any bleed valves or vents are outside the boxed area or easy access is provided with a hinged panel.

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