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Cutting Copper Tube

Copper tube was used extensively throughout the home plumbing systems. Plastic pipe is slowly replacing copper especially with new build or even new installations in existing homes. There may still be instances where a new copper tube is fitted or an existing installation is modified.

Cutting copper tube, copper pipe

Cut pipe hacksaw Carefully measure the length of tube needed, make allowances for the tube to push fully inside the fitting. To make sure of the correct length, measure the distance from the edge of the fitting to the internal stop and add this amount to the cutting position.
The cut must be square so if using a hacksaw wrap a piece of paper around the pipe to give a straight edge.
Pipe cutter To make sure the cut is perfectly square use a tube cutter, align the cutting wheel with your pencil mark and tighten the rollers until the tube is clamped. Rotate the tube cutter around the tube and tighten the rollers each revolution to slowly increase the cutting depth.
Mini pipe cutter Tube cutters come in different shapes and sizes, use a mini tube cutter for working in awkward areas such as close to a skirting board or wall.
Deburr pipe Tube cutters give a clean cut on the outside of the tube, but the inside of thetube will still need deburring. Some tube cutters come with a deburring tool which is used to remove the internal burr. If you don't have a deburring tool use a round file to clean the inside of the tube.
Clean pipe wirewool Clean the end of the cut tube with wire wool, this makes sure there is no dirt that could prevent either a solder or a compression fitting from producing a perfect seal.
Clean pipe Once the tube is clean and free from dirt and burrs the fitting or joint can be assembled.
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