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Drilling Tiles

Sometimes it is necessary to drill into ceramic tiles to fix accessories, especially in a kitchen or bathroom. Drilling into tiles without cracking or damaging a tile is straight forward, providing time and care is taken.

Safety AdviceWhen cutting or drilling tiles, always protect your eyes from flying shards.

Drill tiles

Drill tilesThe glazed surface of a tile is very hard and a masonry drill bit tends to slip across its surface. To prevent the drill slipping, stick some masking tape onto the tile, mark the tape where the hole is needed and using a slow speed, drill the hole.

It may seem like nothing is happening at first but once the drill has penetrated the glazed surface you will notice the difference. Once the drill is through the tile and into the wall behind, you can switch the drill on to hammer mode to make the drilling easier if necessary.

TipDon't use hammer action when drilling the surface of the tile or the tile may crack.

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