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Fill a vented central heating system

The following method is a guide which should be used in conjunction with the system operating instructions. Central heating systems are complex, if you are in any doubt or are unsure what you are doing, before you begin any work consult a qualified plumber

Fill a vented central heating system

Before you begin to fill the central heating system, make sure all the radiator bleed valves and drain cocks are closed. Restore the water supply to the feed and expansion tank in the loft. As the radiators fill with water, air will become trapped at the top of the radiators. When the feed and expansion tank has stopped filling with water, add a corrosion inhibitor to the feed and expansion tank as per manufacturers instructions.

Open the radiator bleed valves one at a time starting at the lowest. When the water starts to come out of the valve, close the valve and move onto the next radiator. If there are bleed valves on the pump or above the boiler it may also be necessary to bleed these.

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