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Paint Brush

The paint brush is the most versatile and most widely used tool for applying paint. Even if you use a roller or paint pad to apply paint to the main areas, you will still need a brush to paint the edges. An ideal size brush to paint the edges is 50mm (2"). If you are painting a small area it is often easier to use a paint brush for the whole job. An ideal brush size would be 75-100mm (3-4").

Applying paint using paint brushes

Before using a new paint brush, get rid of any loose bristles by flicking it across the palm of your hand. Wash under a cold tap any previously used brushes to remove any dust or other dirt and shake them to remove any excess water. If you are using a solvent based paint then allow them to fully dry before using.

Paint tin with string

TipTie a piece of string across the top of the paint kettle between the handle supports. Use this to scrape off any excess paint. You can also use the string to rest the brush on.

The correct order for painting a room is ceiling, walls and finally woodwork. Aim to complete an entire section in one go, a half finished wall or ceiling will leave a drying mark which will be visible through the finished surface.

If there is more than one window start at the largest. On the other walls start on the right, if right handed and on the left, if left handed.

Load the brush with paint to about a third of the bristle depth, always brush away from a wet edge rather than into it, this ensures the paint thins out and stops lines forming where areas of paint meet.

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