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Removing a Radiator

A radiator may need removing because it is old and inefficient, it may be damaged and needs to be replaced or a common reason to remove a radiator is when the room is been decorated, it is far easier to decorate the wall with the radiator removed, than trying to decorate behind it.

Removing a Radiator

The radiator will require draining before it can be removed from the wall.

drain radiator Unscrew the cap-nut on both valves and lift the radiator from the brackets, make sure one side is lifted higher so that any remaining water can be poured into the bucket. Turn the radiator upside down to prevent any sludge leaking onto the floor. While the radiator is off the wall if it is going to be refitted then take it outside and flush it through with water to remove any build up of sludge or scale.

TipIf the radiator has been removed to decorate then remove the wall brackets making a note of which way round they were fitted.

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