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DIY Projects - Removing Wallplugs

Once all the old wallpaper has been removed, the walls need to be made good. Old wallplugs need removing so the hole can be filled and made good. Use a tube of filler to repair small holes and use a powder or ready mixed filler for large holes or cracks. When the filler has gone hard, sand down using a block of wood and some sand paper. Wash down the walls with sugar soap or a similar cleaner to remove dirt and traces of old adhesive.

If the walls have wallplugs where for example a shelf was fitted and you don't intend to refit the shelf after decorating, then the wallplugs will need to be removed and the holes filled.

Remove wall plug

To remove a wallplug insert a screw. Don't screw it too far in as this will open the plug and cause it to grip the inside of the wall.

Remove wall plug 1

Use a claw hammer or a pair of pliers as shown to grip the screw and lever against a block of wood or similar to withdraw the wallplug. If the screw pulls out of the wallplug then re-insert the screw a little deeper.

Remove wall plug 2

When the plug has loosened, use the pliers to grip the screw end on and slowly pull.

Remove wall plug 3

Hopefully the wallplug will come out without causing too much damage to the surrounding plaster.

Fill holes

Now we have our empty holes. Before filling we need to remove any dust or loose debris. Use a small paint brush to clean inside the holes. Small holes are best filled using a tube of ready mixed filler. There are different types for all situations. eg (quick drying, wood, external) Make sure you read the instructions and uses before buying.

Finally when all the repairs have been rubbed down, wash the walls with sugar soap to remove any traces of dirt or dust.

Safety AdviceCover your eyes if you are tempted to blow into the hole to remove the dust.


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