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Repairing a Soldered Joint

Leaks in soldered joints are mainly caused by dirt preventing a good joint originally, other causes could be poorly supported pipes causing stress which eventually breaks the soldered joint.

Repair soldered joints

To repair a soldered joint requires the pipe to be drained of all water, it is usually possible to repair the joint by heating it with a gas torch and applying a liberal amount of self cleaning flux, quickly followed by solder. Both internal ring and end feed joints can be repaired using this method.

If the joint needs to be replaced and it is not possible to pull the connecting pipes apart, cut through the middle of the joint, this way the pipe lengths are not being shortened. Once the joint has been cut through heat up each end of the joint and remove. Clean the pipes by heating and wiping with a cloth then clean using wire wool.

Safety Advice Wear heat resistant gloves when handling hot pipes.


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