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DIY Projects - Replace damaged tiles

Sometimes it is necessary to replace damaged ceramic tiles, especially in a kitchen or bathroom. Tiles can become cracked or chipped over time.

Safety AdviceWear goggles to protect your eyes from flying shards and take care when handling sharp pieces of tile.


Remove damaged tile If you have a tile that is chipped or cracked, remove the broken tile with a small cold chisel and hammer.
Work from the centre outwards and take care as you get near the surrounding tiles. Protect any fixed glass or objects from flying pieces of tile.
Protect baths, sinks etc. with towels to prevent them getting scratched.
Fit new tile Chisel any old adhesive from the wall but be careful not to disturb surrounding tiles.
Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust away which will help with adhesion. Apply tile adhesive to the back of the tile with a notched spreader and press it into place, check that is is flush with the surrounding tiles.
Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours and grout around it.
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