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Remove and Replacing a Toilet

It may be necessary to remove and replace a toilet. Sometimes a toilet can get broken or may be you want to update the toilet to a different colour or style. It may be that you want to fit a laminate floor or vinyl flooring and to make life easier you choose to remove the toilet and put the laminate flooring under it rather than try to cut around the toilet.

Remove and replace a toilet

Toilet The first thing to do is isolate the water supply to the toilet cistern.
t If there is a miniature valve fitted as seen in the picture, turn the screw until the slot is horizontal, remove the cover from the top of the cistern and flush the toilet, make sure that it doesn't refill. If there is no miniature valve, use this cistern isolation method.
t When you are sure the water is isolated, carefully undo the nut from the bottom of the cistern. In most cases the threads will be plastic, take care not to damage the threads.
t Slide the nut down the pipe and ease the pipe away from the bottom of the cistern.
t If there is an external overflow pipe, unscrew the nut and disconnect the pipe from the bottom of the cistern.
t Remove any screws from the base of the toilet.
t Carefully pull the toilet forward, whilst keeping the waste pipe in position.
t Once the toilet is clear from the waste, carefully move it to a safe storage position. Take care it may be heavy. There will be a small amount of water left in the cistern, and the toilet U bend will still contain water.
t Toilet cold water feed pipe, cistern overflow pipe and waste soil pipe ready for a toilet to be fitted.

Fitting is a reversal of the above procedure.
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