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Every day someone dies in a fire because they didn't have a working smoke alarm!

Fire Kills

While most homes now have smoke alarms, many are unable to do their job properly due to flat or missing batteries. The message is simple:

  • Check the batteries once a week. Consider buying a 10-year alarm; otherwise change the batteries every year. Remember- 'Push the Button! Not your Luck'.

A supporting leaflet provides additional tips on buying and maintaining smoke alarms, and general advice on fire safety in the home.

Know the facts!
Most fires start at night and the real killer is smoke. If you are asleep and you don't have a smoke alarm to wake you up, your chances of survival are virtually zero.

  • Smoke alarms are cheap, easy to install and give you vital extra time to escape.
  • You can buy Smoke Alarms in most high street stores, supermarkets, and DIY and electrical shops.
  • Fit them on every floor level in your home, where you can hear them clearly throughout.
  • Good places are at the top of the staircase, hallways, corridors or landings.
  • Don't fit smoke alarms next to cooking areas or near bathrooms, where smoke or steam can set them off accidentally.
  • Check the batteries weekly by pushing the test button until the alarm sounds.
  • If you don't have a 10-year alarm, replace the batteries once a year.
  • After 10 years, it's best to buy a whole new smoke alarm.
  • Remember: beeping alarms can be a sign that the battery needs replacing.
  • You can also buy alarms fitted with 10-year batteries or alarms which plug into the light socket and charge up when the light is switched on.
  • If your alarm keeps going off while you are cooking, move it further away from the kitchen or buy an alarm with a 'hush' button - this will silence the alarm for a short time if it goes off accidentally.
  • If you need help with fitting your alarm, contact your local Fire & Rescue Service for advice. The number is in the phone book.


Smoke Alarms for the Home PDF Document[PDF 360 KB]



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