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DIY Projects - Draining & filling toilet cisterns

Drain Cistern

Before work can be carried out on a plumbing system, the relevant section will need to be drained.

To drain the cistern tie up the float valve and flush the toilet or if there is a minature valve in the feed pipe, turn the valve so the slot is horizontal.

Mini valve

If you need to remove the cistern you will need to remove the feed pipe to the cistern. If there is a minature valve as above, ensure the valve is turned off and continue removing the cistern. If there isn't a minature valve fitted locally to the cistern you will need to isolate the supply elsewhere. On a direct system close the main stopcock on the rising main and flush the toilet, on an indirect system close the valve on the head tank cold water outlet and flush the toilet until no more water enters the cistern.

TipIf you are fitting a new cistern it is a good idea to fit a miniature valve if there isn't one already fitted.


Refillng Cistern

Open the stopcock or any valves that were previously shut and release any float valves that had been tied up. Make sure all the float valves are working and have shut off the water flow when the cistern is up to the correct level.

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