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Fitting uPVC Guttering

uPVC guttering is a welcome addition to most homes, it is attractive, robust and requires very little maintenance, the most it should need is a clean to keep it looking its best. uPVC guttering is available in a range of colours and styles to suit the most disconcerting homeowner. The main colours are black, brown and white and the styles are half round, square, ogee and deep flow.

Fitting uPVC guttering

Fitting uPVC Guttering

To fit a uPVC gutter requires a little bit of planning to ensure the job goes smoothly without making any mistakes. To allow the water to flow along the gutter to the drain pipe and into the grid without pooling anywhere requires a certain amount of fall. The amount of fall is calculated as a minimum of 1:600 (eg Over a 5 Metre length the following calculation will apply 5000mm / 600mm = 8.3mm) This means that the last bracket will be 8.3mm lower at the end of a 5 Metre run.
upvc gutter start

Start off by mounting a bracket to a small length of gutter and position up to the job, in this case we have positioned the gutter up behind the roof felt so the water will fall off the roof and into the gutter. Fit any end or corner pieces before positioning to ensure the mounting bracket is in the correct location.

upvc gutter mark first bracket

Once you are happy with the position of the gutter, draw a pencil mark around the bottom of the first bracket.

upvcgutter measure bracket position

Remove the gutter and bracket and measure the distance from the bottom of the fascia to the pencil mark, take a note of the measurement.

mfasten upvc gutter bracket

Position the bracket on the bottom of the pencil line and use a pencil to mark the bracket hole positions, always mark out at least two hole positions ideally the top and bottom.

drill holes in fascia

Depending on the type of fascia you are fastening to, will depend on how you prepare for the screws. In our case we are fastening to plastic so we will use a drill to make a small pilot hole ready for the screws.

Fix first bracket Fix the first bracket making sure not to over tighten the fixing screws, use stainless steel screws to prevent rusting and unsightly rust marks appearing below the brackets.
Gutter stop ridge Measure the distance from any corners and cut the length of gutter to suit. Allow enough length for the gutter to go fully up to the stop.
Mark out for second bracket

We now have to mark out for the bracket at the end of the run, using the calculation as explained above calculate the amount by which the bracket needs to be lower, i.e. the amount of fall required, in our example over a 5 Metre run the fall will be a minimum of 8.3mm.
Measure up from the bottom of the fascia the required distance (use the measurement you recorded earlier and in our example minus at least 8.3mm) use a pencil to mark the position for the bottom of the new bracket.

Fix second bracket Measure the distance from any corners allowing for the length of the corner piece, mark the position approx. 100mm from any joints. Using the same method as when fitting the first bracket, mark out the holes in the bracket, pilot drill the fascia if needed and fix the second bracket.
tie string line between two brackets

Use a string line between the two end brackets, tie the string to one of the brackets and whilst keeping the string tight, tie the string around the other end bracket.

mark out middle brackets

The additional brackets now need spacing equally in between the two end brackets, the brackets should be spaced no more than 1Metre apart. Place the bracket up to the string line and mark out the holes, pilot drill the fascia if needed and fix the additional brackets.

fit all brackets

Once all the brackets are fixed and secure, assemble the length of guttering including any joining pieces, stop ends, down spouts etc. Use a silicone lubricant on the seals as this makes the joining clips easier to fit.

fit upvc gutter

It may be advisable to get someone to help if trying to assemble long lengths of guttering.

upvc gutter around corner If additional lengths of guttering are needed to continue long runs, or when going around a corner, it is easier to fit the first length including the joining piece, then add the second length and so on.
Completed gutter installation Once all the guttering is in place including the down spout, measure a length of drain pipe and secure using the correct brackets. Fit the top and bottom brackets ideally within 300mm from the top and bottom and again equally space the additional ones in between.
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