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How to Wallpaper a Ceiling

DIY Projects - Paper a ceiling

Papering a ceiling is slightly more difficult than papering walls mainly due to working at heights. If you have not had any experience in papering ceilings, then it is definitely a job for two people.

When working at any height off the floor, it is essential that the working platform is suitable and sturdy enough, for what you are doing.

Ceiling access

Before starting to paper a ceiling make sure that the access platform is set up correctly. Check that the ceiling can be reached without having to stretch and bear in mind that you will need to walk along this platform, as you move along the ceiling.

Paper ceiling order

Paper the ceiling starting at the window and work across the room, working away from the light, so that you are not working in your own shadow and the joints won't show as much. The only exception to this is if the room is a lot wider than it is long. Ideally the shorter the lengths you have to put up the easier it will be.

To mark a guide line for the first length, measure the width of the paper minus 25mm (1") from each corner and mark the ceiling. Use a piece of string between the two marks and mark several points along the string, then using a straight edge draw a line across the ceiling. Alternatively use a chalk line.

Paper ceiling

Place the first length to the window side of the guide line, take your time to ensure the edge of the paper lines up with the guide line. Brush the paper from the middle into the angle between the wall and the ceiling, and slowly unravel the folds as you move along the platform, brushing as you go.

Use a spare roll of wallpaper to support the folds, this gives more support than just your hand.

When the length is up and any bubbles and creases have been brushed out, use the blunt edge of the paperhanger's scissors to mark a trimming line by gently running the scissors along the paper. Peel gently away from the ceiling along the long edge and trim along the crease. Brush this edge back into place and do the same for the ends.

When trimming the ceiling paper cut along the wall side of the crease. This will give a little overlap onto the wall which can be covered with wallpaper.

DIY Projects - Ceiling rose

Papering around a ceiling rose is more difficult than papering around obstacles on walls mainly due to working at heights.

Paper around light

Great care is needed to paper round a ceiling rose, paper up to the edge of the rose and use a pencil to mark the centre of the rose. Make a hole just big enough for the pendant to fit through, then push the paper onto the rose to get an impression. Now by making small triangular cuts, from the hole to the impression mark slowly guide the paper over the rose. Trim off the excess flaps, unscrew the rose slightly and brush paper behind. Tighten up the ceiling rose and hopefully all looks well.

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