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Papering around a door

When it comes to papering around a door, it is not normally as difficult as it may at first seem, the key to achieving professional looking results it to take your time, be patient and if you need a hand ask someone to assist you.

Wallpaper around a door

Paper around door

Paste the length of paper that will take you up to the door, hang the drop on the wall, butting it up to the last full drop and allow it to overlap the door. Cut off most of the surplus paper to within 25mm (1") of the door frame.

Cut into corner

Make a diagonal cut at the top corner into the external corner of the frame. Take care not to tear the damp paper

Trim around door

Brush the resulting flaps of paper into the side and top of the architrave, using a dabbing action. Using the blunt edge of the paperhanger's scissors mark a trimming line by gently running the scissors down the paper. Gently pull the wallpaper away from the wall and cut along the creased mark with the scissors and brush the wallpaper back into place using the paperhanger's brush. Wipe off any excess paste from the door or architrave.

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