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Papering around light switches and sockets

When it comes to papering around light switches and sockets, it can be a litle tricky, the key to achieving professional looking results it to take your time, be patient and if you need a hand ask someone to assist you.

Wallpapering around switches & sockets

Safety Advice When working around electrical light switches and sockets, always turn off the electricity at the mains and check the power has been removed before starting any work.

The following method enables you to decorate around electrical fittings without having to disconnect the wires from the fitting.

Paper around light switch

Hang the length of wallpaper and allow it to loosely cover the switch or socket, press the paper onto the edges of the switch or socket so that an impression can be seen.

Carefully make a small hole in the centre and make four diagonal cuts from the centre to each corner, fold back the flaps and trim them so that 5mm is left.

Slacken the screws of the switch or socket so the little piece of flap remaining can be brushed behind and the screws tightened.

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