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Papering around a window

When it comes to papering around a window, it is not normally as difficult as it may at first seem, the key to achieving professional looking results it to take your time, be patient and if you need a hand ask someone to assist you.

Hanging wallpaper around a window that is set flush in the wall with a decorative frame uses the same method as papering around a door. If however the window is set into the wall, creating a recess then the method of papering is slightly different. Luckily any small mistakes can usually be covered by curtains or blinds.

Wallpapering around a window

Paper around  window

Paste the length of paper that will take you up to the window, hang the drop on the wall, butting it up to the last full drop and allow it to overlap the window. Make two horizontal cuts into the corners of the recess, one 6mm below the top of the window sill and the other 6mm above the top of the recess. Brush the flap of paper into the recess, the 6mm extra at the top gives an overlap at the top of the recess and the 6mm extra at the bottom, allows for trimming neat with the window sill.

Paper recess

Cut an oversized patch to fit the top corner of the recess, marked in red if using a patterned paper match the pattern to the paper above the recess. Paste the patch and fit into place, tuck the edges of the patch under the paper above and inside the recess.

Paper above window

Continue along the top of the window by cutting short lengths, that are long enough to be pasted into the recess at the top, matching any pattern.

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